“tracking nature” in chicago

For the next several months I’ll be living and working in Hyde Park, where I’m teaching a course on “Tracking Nature” as a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago, with the support of the folks at the Fishbein Center for the History of Science and Medicine. The course will trace the idea that nature is in motion through the recent history of the environmental sciences. Climate change and the biodiversity crisis are two clear targets, but other issues — “natural” disasters, for example — are also on the itinerary. Here’s the brief course description: Continue reading ““tracking nature” in chicago”

animal history

I’ve renamed my list of “animal studies core readings”  an “animal history” list to more accurately reflect its (and my) real focus. Many works that are not strictly historical in methodology or content are still included, of course. For better coverage of sociology, philosophy, literary studies, etc., see the very extensive animal studies bibliography assembled by Linda Kalof and her colleagues at Michigan State University.

animal studies core 100

I’ve recently been tinkering with a list of one hundred core readings in the academic field of animal studies, which is now posted here. I hope it might be helpful for graduate students and others, but it’s mainly an ongoing exercise for myself in thinking through the field’s foundations and future directions. Reactions and suggestions would be very welcome: email me.