for a limited time only

My book Wired Wilderness is available until the end of the year as a high-quality, freely downloadable PDF via the beta site for a new interface to Project MUSE, which will give subscribers access to a library of ebooks from a number of publishers when it launches for real in January 2012. For about six months before the launch, the beta site is offering free access to approximately 300 sample ebooks from several publishers, including Johns Hopkins University Press, the publisher of Wired Wilderness. Project MUSE, which has until now focused on academic journals, started in 1993 as a collaboration between JHUP and Johns Hopkins’s library, so it’s only logical that JHUP books are represented. To go straight to the page for Wired Wilderness, click here. You’ll be able to download each part of the book separately. There’s no way to download the whole book as a single gargantuan file, though if you have access to Adobe Acrobat or another PDF authoring tool you could stitch it back together yourself. Continue reading “for a limited time only”