polar bear feed blog

In order to make my life more complicated, I’ve started a new blog at the Polar Bear Feed.

The new blog doesn’t replace this one. In fact, its focus is extremely narrow: it’s a place for commentary on U.S. government regulatory notices that have something (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) to do with polar bears and polar bear conservation. My own commentary, and that of anyone who wants to leave a comment on my commentary.

The goal is to make sense of often hard-to-decipher regulatory proposals — to translate regulatorese into plain English, to explain as concisely as possible why a new proposed rule or permit application matters (or doesn’t), to put it all in historical perspective. The RSS feed is here.

The first post responds to a proposed rule, published in the Federal Register on January 6, 2012, that would regulate the U.S. Navy’s use of active sonar. This doesn’t have any immediate impact on polar bears, but, I argue, the broader question of whether and how to reconcile environmental and national security concerns most certainly does.

Author: Etienne

Historian of science, technology, animals, and the environment.